Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

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  1. MyRealPin

    MyRealPin provides an instagram / pinterest like pinboard experience to your website, allowing you to power your own community or social network by:

    ✔ Collaboratively creating and sharing content
    ✔ Embedding into your website and community
    ✔ Supports Engagement (Likes and Comments)
    ✔ Supports custom styles including badges, allowing you to adopt it to your website
    ✔ Emphasizing external content, supporting most common services in the web and enabling external links
    ✔ Sorting and ordering flexibly in your way
    ✔ Supports drafting content and setting an expiration date

    Note: This extension serves as a secure wrapper only! It requires an account on, where all content, such as for example uploaded images, will be stored and served. Access however can be restricted to your website only!

    - notice board / bulletin board / pinboard
    - news feed
    - creative space
    - create collections
    - discover and share

  2. WT Articles anywhere with fields

    Joomla content plugin, which allows you to insert information from materials and custom material fields in any place where content plugins work using a short code. It is possible (and even necessary) for the plugin to create its own output layouts, which you specify in the short code.

    This plugin is useful for linking site pages to Joomla. For example, you created a store on one of the components for e-commerce and a catalog of completed works using standard Joomla materials, but using custom fields, layout overrides, as described here.

    Plugin shor code

    {wtarticlewf article_id=XXXX tmpl=XXXX}


    article_id - the material id in the articles manager. Required
    tmpl - Name of the output layout file in the directory plugins/content/wtarticlewithfields/tmpl/ Not rewuired

  3. Membership for J2Store

    With this plugin, you can sell subscriptions through J2Store E-Commerce. Users are automatically subscribed to any Joomla User Group after successful payment.

    For guest users, a new user account can be created.

  4. Datelist

    Datelist - Online Reservation System

    Offer your customers the opportunity to book online, directly from your website using Datelist.

    Create an account on our application: and add a booking calendar on any page of your website now (only available in French).

  5. IWS.BY Simple restaurant menu

    IWS.BY Simple restaurant menu - a component that adds to the site the ability to publish a menu that is suitable for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, snack bars, canteens and other catering establishments.

    Key features:
    - No programming skills required, fully managed from the admin panel.
    - Universal template layout that is responsive, adapts to different screen resolutions.
    - Extensive component settings, you can customize text sizes, currency and text styles.
    - In adding a category, you can specify the name and description of the category.
    - In adding a dish, you can specify the name, description, price, weight and select the category to which the dish belongs.

    This is the first version of the component, which will be actively updated with new functionality necessary for organizing a restaurant menu.